Posted: 29 July, 2014 by Christian Hull

Jennifer Lawrence Finds Out The Hard Way

Dumped Via The Tabloids

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Jennifer Lawrence finds out through the tabloids she isn't dating Nick Hoult anymore!

It's not an uncommon sight to see the following headlines:

Poor J-Law has found out that she and Nick Hoult are no more. The pair are on a small break but it seems Hoult has quickly moved on and was seen cuddling up to Riley Keough, Lisa Mare Presley's daughter at a party.

The pair were so good together (we thought). It sucks! J-Law found out the hard way, she read about it in the paper.


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They’re about to become parents but that hasn’t stopped them from planning their big day. Plus J-Law gets dumped by her boyfriend because of her “big” ego & Kimmy K is a selfie fan... Incase you hadn’t noticed.

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