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Captain America To Become African American?

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Marvel has announced plans for a new Captain America… and for the first time in the comic franchise’s history, it’s a black man.

Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada told The Colbert Report that Sam Wilson, also known as The Falcon, will take over the superhero’s shield in Captain America #21.

“Doesn’t that make him Captain African American?” Colbert joked on the show.

Anthony Mackie portrayed Sam Wilson/The Falcon in Marvel's 2014 blockbuster, Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Captain America writer Rick Remender told “I think that different characters across the Marvel Universe are going to respond to Sam’s appointment in different ways. But he’s not a novice — in his long history as the Falcon, he’s earned a reputation for integrity and honesty and backbone that most of the super hero community have a respect for.”

The change will only affect the comic book universe, however, and Chris Evans will continue to play the Captain in the big screen adapations, as well as in The Avengers movies.

Captain America isn’t the only comic book changing things up… we also just found out that Thor will now be portrayed as a woman.


Tags: Scoopla, Captain America, Marvel, The Avengers, Chris Evans

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