Posted: 1 May, 2014 by Jen Pearce

Lindsay Lohan Gate-Crashed Lily Allen’s Show!

Lilo got on stage and sung at a Lily Allen concert

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Lily Allen concertSplash Australia

Lily Allen is all over our newsfeeds right now – she made headlines a couple of days ago for seemingly mocking Beyoncé during one of her shows.

She later denied it was in bad taste – she actually loves Beyoncé! 

Well now Lily has revealed she had a super-awkward moment with another celebrity – Lindsay Lohan – when she was doing a show in LA once!

Lily Allen said the crowd suddenly turned and she couldn’t really figure out what was going on… next minute – Lindsay is on stage!

Lily said of Lindsay at the time, “bless her, she wasn’t in a great place, she’s in a better place now I think.”

What a moment!

Tags: Lindsay Lohan, Lily Allen, Celebrity, Scoopla

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