Posted: 15 April, 2014 by Jen Pearce

Margot Robbie Winces As She Gets A Finger Tattoo

Watch Margot Robbie wince as she gets her tattoo

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Margot Robbie TatInstagram

The once blond bombshell from 'The Wolf of Wall Street' is now brunette and getting a finger tat. Watch as Margot Robbie winces her way through getting her finger tattoo.

The Aussie beauty recently posted a video of her getting a finger tattoo on Instagram – and get this – she also gave someone else a tattoo!

That’s right, Margot Robbie posted a clip of her tattooing a bloke! With the hashtag #HarryStylesEatYourHeartOut!

Go Margot!

Tags: Margot Robbie, Celebrity, Scoopla

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