Posted: 9 April, 2014 by Jen Pearce

Justin Bieber Banned From Miami Nightclubs

Maimi Nightclubs won’t let Biebs in

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Bieber banned from Maimi NightclubsSplash Australia

It seems Miami has had enough of Justin Bieber!

He’s been banned from the top nightclubs where celebs regularly make appearances.

Apparently late last week, Bieber’s managers called up some hotspots to reserve tables but the club managers refused to let them in.

They used the underage excuse – Justin is only 20 where the legal drinking age is 21 – but we know that hasn’t stopped him before. Looks like it does now. 

Apparently one nightclub in particular wasn’t happy with the bad press that resulted after Justin’s DUI arrest earlier this year.

Tags: Justin Bieber, Miami, Scoopla, Celebrity

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