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How I Met Your Mother's Mystery Solved

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The highly anticipated series finale of How I Met Your Mother has aired in the US, and the biggest mystery has been solved!

SPOILER ALERT!  This article contains information that will reveal full details about the show.

Episode 208, and the final ever episode of How I Met Your Mother flies through the years in the lives of our fave five - from the present to deep into the future.


May 2016.

Robin and Barney reveal that they got divorced because Robin was working too much, and hid it from the "gang".

"Guys it's ok, this isn't a failed marriage. It's a marriage that only lasted for three years," Barney tells his friends once coming clean during a catch-up together.

Lily and Marshall are expecting baby number three, and vow to be there for all the big moments of each others lives after drifting apart over the years.

But first they decided they needed to get a new and bigger apartment for their growing family, and at a final Halloween party at their old apartment, Robin decides it's time to say goodbye to Lily, Marshall, Barney and Ted.

It's now October 2016.

Robin tells Lily, “Do you know who the gang is to me? A married couple I never see… my ex-husband hitting on sl*tty cops… and the guy I probably should have ended up with with the mother of his child.” 


Fast forward to 2018, 

Ted’s got kids now.  The gang are back together.

“Anytime someone says something sad…we hang out for another hour,” Barney exclaims.

Robin’s still not back talking to the guys.

Now it's 2019, and it turns out Ted and the Mother never got married, and she's only just the mother and not the wife, then Barney drops this bombshell...

He got a woman pregnant!


Onto 2020, we see Robin again, and she's a successful newswoman.  Ted briefly chats to her, after showing his daughter the Goliath National Bank building.  Ted, Lily and Marshall then show up to a hospital waiting room.

Barney's bub is on the way, a daughter named Ellie.

“You are the love of my life. Everything I have, and everything I am…is yours. Forever,” Barney tells his baby.


Back to the bar, Ted re-proposed to The Mother... but it's interrupted from a visit by Robin! She's back!

Still with us?

Ted reflects on his life to his kids, and what he went through to get to their Mother.

“I carried it with me when she got sick. All I could do is thank God, every God ever in the whole universe," he says.

There's another flashback to the train station, where Ted introduced himself to the Mother.

Her name is Tracy McConnell.


Ted and Tracy get married, in front of the entire gang.

Then it's onto the present day, with Ted talking to his kids.

“Funny how sometimes you just…find things.”

“And that, kids, is how I met your mother,” Ted tells his children.

We finally hear from the kids.

“This whole story is about how you’re in love with Aunt Robin… how you totally have the hots for Aunt Robin.”

The Mother is dead!

“Mom’s been gone for six years now. It’s time.”

Cut to Ted outside Robin's apartment.  Ted looks up at Robin who is looking out at him through the window.  They both smile at each other.

The end.

Tags: Scoopla, How I Met Your Mother, HIMYM

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