Posted: 17 April, 2014 by Demi Georgitsopoulos

Did Oprah Cancel Lindsay’s Reality Show?

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Lindsay Lohan’s reality TV show ‘Lindsay’ seems to be done and dusted. 

The documentary series, shown on Oprah’s TV network OWN, followed Lindsay for eight weeks where she tried to regain her life and sober up.

However reports have come out saying that the TV show has been ‘cancelled’ by Oprah. Sources close to Lindsay were quick to falsify any rumours saying, “The intention was always to do eight episodes. The show is not being canceled."

Does this mean the show will continue? We don’t think so. Last July, OWN specified that the TV series would only consist of eight episodes and an interview with Oprah, meaning that OWN has satisfied their obligation with the TV series.

The show documented Lindsay’s move from LA to New York but despite the hype fewer than 700,000 people sat down to watch the premiere.

Li-Lo sat down with famous talk show host David Letterman and discussed how she thought the editing of the show was blown out of proportion.

Lohan told Letterman, "It's edited very differently. Some things are taken out of context and that creates the drama and the spectacle. I don't have control of the editing, I am producer, but I don't have control of that aspect of it. But it's pretty raw. I mean, it's just me kind of sorting out life again and figuring things out."

Perhaps a break from the cameras is exactly what Lindsay needs right now. Did you enjoy her documentary series?

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Tags: Scoopla, Oprah, Lindsay Lohan, TV SHOW

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