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Why Leonardo DiCaprio Doesn't Need Our Pity

Or an oscar for that fact!

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Leo, Leo, Leo. Wherefore art thou, begging for an academy award? If people could get awards for being chubby, high-pitched, and still scoring exotic supermodels, you would win every year!  Heck, you'd win at an hourly rate!

I know it's hard to have departed from the Kodak Theatre yet again without trophy in hand.  We know it's what's eating you.  Still, why are you chasing it? Let them catch you if they can.   (I'm sorry. I'll stop now.)  Remember, you're a beast.  A wolf.  A legend of titanic proportions.  Others walk the beaten path.  But you take the revolutionary road. (Okay, now.)

Hence, unchain yourself from these shackles of the mind!  You're the director of your own dreams!  And through the blood, sweat, and tears you'll find your inner diamond and shine.  (Last time.  Promise.)

We all know success isn’t defined by the number of awards you win.  Yet we fall prey to the hype, keeping tally of our conquests.  However the temptation to do so should be much less when it comes to art.  Art cannot be defined.  There is no right or wrong way about it.  Its only job is to make you feel.  Anything.  At any magnitude (zero is a magnitude).

I’ve always believed that commercial success trumps critical acclaim.  Not a popular stance, but I’m certain it’s the right one.  Being commercial isn’t a shallow endeavour, nor does it dictate a film shouldn’t explore the tougher issues, like many of Leo’s film have.  The point of movies is to move audiences, to entertain them, and hopefully enlighten them.  Leo does that time and time again.  And he don’t need no Oscar to tell him that!

Besides how do you aim for an Oscar?  How can you make that a tangible goal?  It’s not in your hands, though so many think it is. You can’t study for it.  You can’t practice for it.  There is no a set-in-stone guideline on how to get one.  All you can do is do the best performance you can in the role you’ve taken and hope someone might just recognise you.

It's like a Nobel Prize in that fashion. (Yes, I went there.)  You can’t work towards a Nobel Prize.  Scholars are motivated through their research, discoveries, and philanthropy to better the world around them, not for the recognition.  Add to that, each prize need only be awarded at least once every five years.  So, if no one worthy comes along, they don’t have to hand out the award!  That’s how the Nobel Foundation has kept its integrity.  In spite of Obama’s unnecessary Peace Prize.

Maybe that’s why so many randoms regularly win at the Oscars.  (We’re looking at you Mo’Nique.)  Or worst still the one-offs who’ve gone on to do little with their trophy.  Cough cough Jennifer Hudson (I love her, too.  But what has she done worth oscar hoopla since Dreamgirls?  Smash.  Really?)  Honestly though, if I was forced to choose between winning an Academy Award and having a longstanding stellar career, I’d choose the latter every time.

But after years of conditioning that he should care about, and more importantly aim towards an Oscar, it's only natural for poor Lee-Lee to be plagued with major #FOMO.

Leo, I say embraced the FOMO. Use it. Let it move you to make more films. You may very well die before the academy gives your handsome mug a golden statue.  But you’re not in bad company – fellow underappreciated pretty boy, Peter O’Toole was an eight-time nominee.

Leo doesn’t need our pity.  Yes, it is a growing pain in the neck to be so close yet so far.  But like his heart, he too will go on.  In fact, the next time he's nominated, I bet you he’ll be all like “Oscar?  What Oscar?”  (I really couldn’t help myself.)

This article first appeared on The Chronicles Of A Girl Just Trying To Make It blog and is republished with permission.

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