Posted: 10 March, 2014 by Rhiannon

Tay-Lorde Take New York!

Talented pair gadding about the Big Apple sparks collaboration rumours...

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Lorde might just have announced that she's heading back to Australia soon, but right now she's WAY too busy clowning around with buddy Taylor Swift in New York city!

The pair sparked up an unlikely friendship after Lorde made some remarks about the sort of example Tay-Tay was setting. But after a rocky start, Lorde was spotted at Taylor's birthday party and they've been inseperable ever since.

This pic was taken in New York where they were seen posing for magazine photographers, which hopefully means they're up to more than just posing - is that the sound of beautiful beautiful music we can hear?

Maybe a TayLorde collaboration is in the works?

Tags: Bump, Taylor Swift, Lorde, Scoopla

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