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My Kitchen Rules' Gatecrashers Are A Couple

Magazine interview reveals the truth

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Channel Seven

My Kitchen Rules Gatecrashers, Carly and Tresne are a real-life couple.

Although the show has been saying the pair are friends and housemates, it has been revealed that they have been together for eight years.

Journalist Ros Reines let the real story slip a few weekends ago, but in the latest issue of New Idea magazine Carly and Tresne have shared the details of their commitment ceremony from 2012.

"We had two different proposals at two different times. One was at a music festival a year after we met and the second while we were living in England. But basically we came home and had an engagement party, which turned into a surprise commitment ceremony," Carly told the magazine.

Joh: At home with MKR's Carly and Tresne, Ep 4 (21.02.14)

"We know same-sex marriage is not recognised in Australia, but we thought we should do it while we were still young and pretty."

But it wasn't the shows idea to portray the couple as only friends or housemates.

"We wanted to go on the show as ourselves and have people judge us on our cooking and not our sexual preference."

Love it girls!

Tags: Scoopla, My Kitchen Rules, MKR, Carly, Tresne

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