Posted: 19 March, 2014 by Dan HIll

Katy Perry Gives Cars As Gifts

Probably The Nicest Boss Ever!

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(Getty Images)

Don't you wish Katy Perry was your boss! The singer who is about to embark on her biggest tour yet has splash out and bought all of her 5 assistants brand new cars!

Dropping over $500,000 on the cars, her assistants received the new model, green friendly Fisker Karma election cars, the same car Justin Bieber drives.

A source close to Katy said “They are completely electric and top of the range in car luxury but she hates the smog in the air in LA. In total she spent over half a million dollars on the cars and now her conscience is clean.”

So Katy… how do we apply to become one of your assistants… I make a mean coffee…

Tags: Scoopla, Katy Perry, Gifts, Cars, Expensive

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