Posted: 21 February, 2014 by Brettney & Sohan Judge

Sarah Hyland Touched Inappropriately By Fan

Man charged with indecent assault

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Last night saw the ‘Modern Family’ cocktail party, but unfortunately it wasn’t all fun.


Sarah Hyland's boyfriend has taken to Twitter to defend his comments after his girlfriend was allegedly groped at a red carpet event last night.

Matt Prokop wrote on his page that he's done with the social network after many attacked his stance on the incident.


The actor then followed up the tweet with retweets of support from followers and another tweet hinting that he wouldn't apologise for his earlier tweet.


It is still not known what exactly happened with some sites saying that Hyland's right breast was groped, while others are reporting that the 29-year-old man grabbed her bottom and squeezed it.


While Sarah Hyland, who plays Haley Dunphy, was greeting her fans outside the venue she was allegedly touched on her bum area by a 29-year old man.

Earlier it was reported that she was touched on the right breast, however it is not yet known how accurate this is.

People attending the party told us that she was seen crying afterwards, and apparently she immediately pushed the guy away and screamed “don’t touch me there” before her security guards got involved.

Sarah was then escorted away from the venue and tweeted later apologising to fans she didn’t get to meet.

Her boyfriend wrote an attacking comment on his Twitter towards the man.


She did say she’s enjoying Australia though and gave an Aussie accent a go.

Police have now charged the man with indecent assualt for the alleged grope of the star.

Hyland was signing autographs for fans outside a Qantas event at Dawes Point in Sydney when the incident occurred.

Tags: Scoopla, Sarah Hyland, Modern Family

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