Posted: 27 February, 2014 by Jen Pearce

Sandra Bullock set to make $70 million from Gravity

That’s right, that’s at least $70 million.

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Sandra Bullock is making MillionsSplash Australia

Sandra Bullock is set to make at least $70 million from the British film Gravity. That $70 million also includes an initial paycheck of $20 million.


That means, for the 90-minute movie, she was earning $769,000 per minute. The out of this world movie has made more than $700 million worldwide.


Bullock is one of Hollywood’s highest paid actresses – ranking at no.7 on the Forbes 2013 list. Angelina Jolie was no.1 on the list last year – earning $33 million – it looks like it might not be Jolie this year, since she turned down the Gravity role.

Tags: Sandra Bullock, Scoopla, Gravity, Movies

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