Posted: 10 February, 2014 by Web Guy Oscar

Margot Robbie's Legs Enhanced?

Wolf of Wall Street Questioned

Tags: Margot Robbie, Wolf of Wall Street

There’s no doubt the woman on everyone’s radar right now is Margot Robbie after everyone crushed on her in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’.

If you’ve seen the movie – (or even if you haven’t) – you would know her long legs are on display … but were they enhanced digitally?

An expert editor says it’s not uncommon for Hollywood filmmakers to digitally extend female stars’ legs to look longer and thinner. He reckons it happened to Margot herself. Now a rep has confirmed the moviemakers planned to enhance her eyes – before they realised her eyes were blue enough in real life – but didn’t comment on the editing of her legs. Margot herself admitted she had a lot of help to look the way she did.

Think it's a bit of a beat-up or has Hollywood gone too far?

Tags: Margot Robbie, Wolf of Wall Street

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