Posted: 14 February, 2014 by Dan Hill

Katy Perry Visits A Strip Club. Stripper Gets Fired.

Rules Is Rules.

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It was the night of the Super Bowl, and Katy Perry seemed bored enough with football to visit the Spearmint Rhino strip club in Santa Barbara, California.

With boyfriend John Mayer in tow, they were tipped to splash out and dropped a lot of cash on their night out. But one worker forgot one of the rules in the stripper 101 handbook.

Any good employee of an establishment like that knows that client confidentiality must be a priority. But what happened was 'Cassidy' took a photo with herself and Katy and  few of the other workers on that night.

One small problem - the club has a strict 'no cameras' policy. And obviously when you meet a celeb, you want to boast about it on Facebook, which is what 'Cassidy' did.

It eventually got back to the corporate offices of the Spearmint Rhino, and they fired the poor girl on the spot - in front of all the other strippers.

Hopefully she made enough money off Perry and Mayer that night that she can keep herself on her feet.

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Tags: Scoopla, katy perry, john mayer, strip club, fired, celebrity

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