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Delta Goodrem's Sexy Bikini Pics For In Style Magazine

Latest In Style Magazine pics are sizzling!

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In Style/Carlotta Moye

Delta Goodrem's latest photoshoot features the gorgeous Aussie in a sexy bikini for the new InStyle magazine on sale now.

The singer and former The Voice Australia judge told In Style that she's still affected by the negative comments that she endured during the two seasons of the show.

“No matter what I did, people had their own thoughts about me already and perhaps they weren’t accustomed to me having opinions,” she revealed to In Style Magazine.

“At the time I was devastated, absolutely broken. I never wanted to be controversial. I’m in this for the music.”

Goodrem is set to take up judging duties on the upcoming The Voice Kids, and it already holds a special place in her heart when she thinks back to when she was first star struck.

“I was seven, and I had this beautiful moment meeting Olivia Newton-John in New York. My mum and I were having a hot chocolate after seeing Phantom of the Opera. I said to Mum, ‘There’s Sandy!’

“Olivia heard my Australian accent and came over. She was lovely and … it has stuck with me my entire life.”

The good news for fans of the singer is that there will be new music, and it will show a new fresh side to her.

“The songs are a little more upbeat, grittier and feistier than before,” Goodrem told In Style.

“I’m feeling freer than I’ve ever felt. I have no limit to what I’m doing and I’m letting people see my fun side.”

Look out for the latest In Style Magazine with Delta Goodrem on the cover for more amazing photos.  It's out now.

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