Posted: 18 February, 2014 by Rhiannon

Bradley Cooper Goes Commando For Commander-In-Chief

Barack Obama Met A Lot More Of Bradley Than He Counted On...

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Hail to the Chief, indeed!

It's awkward when you have a formal event and you've lost or put on weight - but most of us don't deal with it by not wearing undies! That's exactly what Bradley Cooper did when he had a dinner date with the leader of the free world...

He's told Ellen that he put on about 7kg of muscle prepping for a new film and when he stuffed his Golden Globes suit into a bag (pictured above) before jumping on a plane to DC he didn't think twice about fitting into it - whoops!

Watch him telling the hilarious story - like Brad says, it's "Crazy Town!"

Tags: Bradley Cooper, Scoopla, Barack Obama

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