Posted: 10 January, 2014 by Brettney

Surfer Rescues Drowning Anne Hathaway

Scary pics show Hathaway gasping for breath!

Tags: Anne Hathaway, Drown, Drowning, Swimming

Splash Australia

Anne Hathaway has had a very scary moment whilst on vacation in Hawaii after she almost drowned.

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The Hollywood actress was caught in a dangerous rip current while swimming on the beach, but thankfully only came away with a foot wound.

PICS: See the pics of Anne in trouble here!

The 31-year old found herself in trouble and began screaming for assistance, according to onlookers, at which point a nearby surfer came to rescue her.

Adam Shulman, Anne's hubby, rushed to grab a first-aid kit after Hathaway came out of the water with a foot wound.

Tags: Anne Hathaway, Drown, Drowning, Swimming

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