Posted: 15 January, 2014 by Brettney

Police Raid At Bieber Home; Arrests Made

Tags: Justin Bieber, Police, Arrests

Justin Bieber's house has been raided by police in a late night operation carrying out a warrant on vandalism claims.


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So far there has been one arrest.  Justin Bieber's bestie Lil Za has been busted for cocaine possession at the home, and according to TMZ the drug was in plain view during the raid.

Officials are saying that Bieber is not connected to the drug possession charge.

A warrant was executed after complaints from Justin's neighbours, who told police that he was throwing eggs at their houses.

TMZ reports that police are now looking at evidence collected from Bieber's house that link him to the egg attacks, which is classed as a felony.

If Biebs is found to have any part of that said incident, it could mean jail time or community service for the young singer.

Tags: Justin Bieber, Police, Arrests

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