Posted: 3 January, 2014 by Dan Hill

James Blunt Vs The Internet

Don't Mess With Him… or He'll Tweet You…

Tags: Scoopla, James Blunt, Twitter, Trolls, Funny


It drives creative people nuts, when they have worked extremely hard on something, to have it criticised by a keyboard warrior. (See below for the definition of keyboard warrior).

James Blunt has hit back at these keyboard warriors on twitter, and to everyone's surprise - it's absolutely brilliant.

See the tweets below to users who dare to take a swing at the singer!

See all of them over at Twitter. Well played Blunty… Well Played…

Keyboard Warrior:

A Person who, being unable to express his/her anger through physical violence, instead manifests said emotions through the text-based medium of the internet, usually in the form of aggressive writing that the Keyboard Warrior would not be able to give form to in real life.  (Urban Dictionary)

Tags: Scoopla, James Blunt, Twitter, Trolls, Funny

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