Posted: 18 September, 2013 by Rosie

Eve Confirms Gwen Stefani News: "She's Preggers"

She's officially unofficially pregnant.

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Eve and Gwen Stefani

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You know those friends that can never keep a secret? Well, it seems like rapper Eve is one of those!

Rumour has been swirling for a little while now that Gwen Stefani is up the duff, but reports are suggesting it's too early for her to say anything.

Gwen and Eve collaborated on the track "Let Me Blow Ya Mind" in 2001, and when an interviewer asked Eve about musical guests at her upcoming performance in New York, that was when she spilled the beans.

"Are there any possible guests we can expect?… I noticed you didn't mention Gwen Stefani? Is she not going to be there?"

"She's preggers! She's preggers," said Eve, to which he replied, "she can still perform."

"I think she's chilling," Eve said.

And there you have it!

Watch the interview from 1:49 for the scoop.

Tags: Eve, Gwen Stefani, pregnant, singing, music

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