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Amanda Bynes Slams Perez On Twitter

Amanda vs Perez - who are you backing?

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Gossip blogger Perez Hilton has become Amanda Bynes’ latest victim, after she tweeted about him earlier today.

If you’ve been living under a rock, you won’t know that Amanda’s twitter of late has become more entertaining than watching TV.

(If I had a dollar for every story I’ve written about Amanda in the last few months… well I’d be able to buy a couple of reduced to clear copies of She’s The Man at JB Hi-Fi! – Producer Kate)

Amanda has had a go at Drake – then taken it all back, she’s called Zac Efron and Miley Cyrus ugly, and now she’s insulted Perez Hilton.

Shortly after Perez mentioned Amanda Bynes in this tweet:


@Drake is to @AmandaBynes what @ZacEfron is to me!

Amanda then tweeted:

“@PerezHilton Drake and I have crushes on each other unlike your obsession with Zac! Both of them and I don’t like you! I’m NOTHING like you!”

“Nothing offends me more than being compared to Perez Hilton! Drake and I have been talking for years and have mutual crushes on each other!”

“Perez Hilton is an ugly man that Zac, Drake and I wouldn’t kiss or like even if our lives depended on it! Perez will be forever alone! Haha”

She’s since deleted the first and last tweet… but Perez cleverly screen grabbed them all!

Interestingly, Drake has yet to get involved in all this nonsense!

Who’s side are you on? Perez or Amanda?


Amanda has tweeted again since her earlier posts... she's now gone from saying she is "in love" with Drake to straight up calling him ugly.

"Drake Is Ugly," she tweeted. "Drake Is Not The One For Me, But I'm Sure He'll Make Someone Happy!"

Make up your mind sista!

Tags: Amanda Bynes, Perez Hilton, She's The Man, Twitter, Celebrity feuds, Crazy

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