Posted: 3 December, 2013 by Dan Hill

Scott & Charlene's Son To Be Cast

Neighbours Set For A Shake Up

They were Australia's darlings on TV in the 80's and everyone remember's the wedding.

Scott and Charlene were the 'it' couple on Neighbours, and they could be making a comeback… in the form of their son Daniel.

The son of Jason and Kylie's characters is being written into the next season of the hit TV show next year, and the possibility of casting directors throwing a bone to heart-throb Liam Hemsworth, in the hope of casting someone like him.

The new character - Daniel Robinson - will be 21 year's old, and is moving back to the place his parent's fell in love - their hometown of Erinsborough.

Neighbours producers Jason Herbison has spoken out and said - "When you say Scott and Charlene's child, people are going to think of Jason and Kylie, so we're very much looking for someone who could look as though he is their child."

Adding "Daniel has grown up among the beach culture and he in fact will be arriving unexpectedly to Erinsborough to begin the next chapter of his life,"

Could Kylie Minogue be making a cameo on Ramsay St next year? It's certainly a possibility, with Kylie due back in Australia to film the new series of 'The Voice.'

Producers are looking to cast a Liam Hemsworth type for the new role. (SplashAustralia)

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