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Scoopla's Naughty List Of 2013

Who has been bad... very bad?

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We all know celebs love to be in the spotlight, but sometimes those stars in the headlights for all the wrong reasons.

Let's check out who has made this years naughty list.

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Lindsay Lohan

Lohan continued her list of offences that have landed her onto Scoopla's naughty list.

Reckless driving, obstructing justice and lying to the police are all in there, plus just when we thought Linds had put her life back together she goes and posts a selfie of her Instagram page complete with nipple.

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Tully from Big Brother

While in the Big Brother house, Tully cheated on her girlfriend with Drew.

Not only did she cheat, she also lied to Drew by telling him that she was single.

The moment was caught on camera after Tully and Drew became close, and began making out with each other.  Tully whispered in Drew's ear "By The way, I'm single."

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Her now ex-girlfriend Tahlia disagreed with that, taking to Twitter and writing "Thanks for the concern guys, but I'm a big girl, I will be just fine. Life goes on.. x #singlebabescomeatme".


Kristen Stewart 

Following up from being on the naughty list last year for cheating on Robert Pattinson, Stewart again makes the list for 2013.

From swearing at paparazzi constantly, the darling can't seem to break just a little bit of a smile.

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After being a judge on the hugely successful Australian version of The Voice, things turned sour for Seal after friend and fellow judge Joel Madden was found with a very small amount of marijuana in his hotel room.

Seal seemingly attacked all Australians in a bizarre Twitter rant, "Way to respect a guest in your country trash media, way to make us feel welcome. Keep it up… sure we'll be back next year. and yes, I say we because it's just a matter of time before you gun us all down.  Hell, you even it you're own @deltaGoodrem who's a national treasure!!"

The singer then wrote a simple "can't wait to go home."

This cause a social media storm directed at Seal who deleted his tweets and wrote "I was NOT slamming Australia, I was and still am slamming the TRASH MEDIA! I stand by my Bro and WILL NOT BE BOUGHT!"

But it didn't end there.  Seal once again removed that tweet and wrote "I want to say I have loved being in Australia, I've lover working on The Voice and with an incredibly talented group of Australian artists."

He also blamed his Twitter rant on being away from his kids for 11 weeks, and by him saying "I can't wait to go home" meant that he was missing being with them at him home. 

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Chris Brown

Brown is a repeat offender on the naughty list ever since the infamous incident with Rihanna in 2009.

From multiple incidents this year that have risked violation of his probation including a felony assault charge after Brown punched a man in the face. 

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Lady Gaga

Even though most of what Lady Gaga did was to promote her new album ARTPOP, Santa definitely wasn't happy with the full frontal nudity that the superstar decided to unleash onto us.

There was the video where Gaga was asking through the forest FULLY NAKED, not leaving anything up to the imagination, not to mention the V Magazine and Candy photoshoots where we could see what she had for breakfast.

But Gags just couldn't quite hold onto the stir, as Miley had that covered.

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Reece Witherspoon

Oh you naughty girl, Reece!  After driving home with her hubby from some drinks out, the couple were pulled over by the cops.

Mrs Witherspoon didn't appreciate it when her husband was arrested for driving under the influence, so the actress started throwing drunken abuse at the arresting officer. 

This followed her yelling "you're about to find out who I am."

Legally drunk.


Miley Cyrus

Where do we start?

From her controversial music video to 'We Can't Stop' and then 'Wrecking Ball', licking a sledgehammer, swinging around naked, those naked pics from Terry Richardson that creep us out, tweaking and grinding up against Robin Thicke and smoking a joint on stage at the EMA's.

That's just the tip of the Miley iceberg!

Check out more of Miley's Madness here!


Justin Bieber

Bieber has been very naughty this year.  He enjoys his street art, and likes to graffiti his mark on the world.

Then there's the video that surfaced where a prostitute claimed she had slept with Biebs, allegedly spitting off his balcony onto fans below, showing up late to perform at multiple dates on his tour and the incident where he couldn't hold his bladder any longer and urinated into a bucket. 

There were also those naked pics that showed up after he surprised his Grandmother by only wearing a guitar… but it wasn't Christmas.


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