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Miranda’s Bikini Wisdom

Health and Beauty Tips from Ms Kerr just in time for 2014!

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Being a supermodel, business woman, mum and alleged squeeze of one of Australia's most powerful men might keep Miranda Kerr's schedule full to the brim, but she has a few secrets that will help you 'have it all' in 2014!

Start Your Engine - The Right Way!

"Before breakfast, I have warm water with a squeeze of lemon. Then I'll have a cold-pressed green juice from Juice Press with cucumber, celery, lemon, kale and aloe vera.”

"Boys like their cars, I like my Vitamix! I make an energizing breakfast smoothie with lots of ingredients, including chia seeds, raw cacao, goji berries, fresh coconut water and protein powder. It's a recipe I made up. I call it the 'Miranda mix'.

Keep Motoring...

"I try to do this little power-workout DVD, PACE Express by Al Sears, M.D., four times a week. You do intervals with moves such as lunges, squats and star jumps. It's only 12 minutes, so it's definitely attainable. And you feel like you've had a good workout afterward."

"I practise yoga daily; I do half an hour in the morning plus half an hour of meditation," she says. "Dedication is key for me because with my constant travel schedule I find it very grounding and energising."

Snack Right!

Some of my favourite snacks are organic almonds and blueberries, half an avocado with sea salt, and I also love eating Fuji apple pieces with almond butter and agave - it feels like a treat but it's really good for you,"

Take time to brush...your skin!

"I love body brushing! With a dry body brush, you brush your skin from your toes all the way up to your heart, and then from your arms all the way in to your heart. It's invigorating! I do it pretty much every day."

And last of all...don't overdo it trying to be perfect.

Miranda’s fave "sometimes foods" include dark chocolate Lindt balls and her nana's steak pie. "I believe in a balanced life - it's not about depriving yourself - so I eat 80 per cent organic, nutrient-rich foods and 20 per cent indulgence foods," she says. Sounds like good advice to us!

Tags: Miranda Kerr, Miranda Kerr body, Miranda Kerr Swimsuit, Miranda Kerr Bikini

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