Posted: 9 November, 2012

Harry Styles Heads To David Beckham’s Tattoo Artist For Some More Ink!

What has Harry Styles inked himself with this time?!

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(Splash News)

One Direction's Harry Styles sure has a lot on at the moment, particularly with the recent release of the UK supergroup's latest album, Take Me Home. However, there’s something he can’t get enough of: inking!

Touching down in Los Angeles last Wednesday, he decided to scribe something a little different on his skin…

David Beckham’s tattoo artist has inked the words “things I can’t” and “things I can” onto Harry's forearms. Reports suggest he intentionally left the unfinished, but the singer has now unveiled them to the public.

Adding to his collection of tattoos, Harry has also revealed two new tattoos on his chest – two sparrows and stars, which is believed to bring good luck.

(Splash News)

TMZ reported that sailors would usually scribe a sparrow onto their skin for every 5,000 nautical miles they sailed, bringing them luck and guiding them home safely.

But if we roll the clock back to the ancient Egyptians, a sparrow was known to catch the soul of those who died – if a sailor died at sea, the sparrow tattoo would bring their soul back home. Perhaps there’s more to this than we thought! 
Would you ink yourself with a tattoo that had great significance?

Tags: Harry Styles, One Direction, OneD, 1D

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