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Schapelle Corby's Boyfriend Arrested In Bali On Drug Charges

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The boyfriend of Schapelle Corby has been arrested in Bali after being found with marijuana in his possession.

Ben Panangian now faces a maximum of 12 years in jail after he was caught with the drug in a street in Bali.

It's also widely reported that there was also marijuana found in his wardrobe after a police search of his Kuta home. have different police sources who have all confirmed the news.

While some people believe this is not good news for Corby either who, as part of her conditions of bail, must keep away from drugs or crime, Corby's parole officer says differently.

Putu Andiyani revealed that her boyfriend's arrest should have little effect on her parole because the couple are not married, as long as she is not involved in drugs.

The amounts of marijuana found were 0.64 grams and 8.21 grams (in the wardrobe).

Another man who was arrested outside Panangian's home faces charges of methamphetamine possession.

Tags: Schapelle Corby

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