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Australia In Prime Position For Solar Eclipse

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Parts of Australia are in prime position to witness an annular Solar eclipse this afternoon.

WARNING: A Solar Eclipse is NEVER safe to look directly at. We've provide ways to view the eclipse safely below, as well as a live video stream.

The moon will not completely cover the sun in Australia, but will still cover 64% of the sun in Tasmania, 55% in Victoria and between 24-41% in Queensland and New South Wales respectively.

Unlike the Total Lunar Eclipse (Blood Red Moon) earlier this month, people in Western Australia and South Australia will have the best view as the moon covers over 51% of the sun early in the afternoon.

Below are the best times to view the eclipse, but remember that it's not safe to look directly at the sun - especially during a solar eclipse. This can cause eye damage or blindness.

Scroll down for ways to view the Solar Eclipse in Australia.

City Eclipse Start Mid Eclipse Eclipse End % of sun covered
Adelaide 3:25PM 4:37PM 5:35PM 51
Alice Springs 3:44PM 4:47PM 5:54PM 26
Brisbane 4:31PM 5:17PM SETS 24
Cairns 4:25PM 5:01PM 5:59PM 10
Canberra 4:05PM 5:12PM 5:22PM 46
Darwin 4:21PM 4:55PM 5:28PM 4
Hobart 3:51PM 5:00PM 5:17PM 64
Melbourne 3:58PM 5:07PM 5:35PM 55
Perth 1:17PM 2:42PM 3:59PM 49
Sydney 4:14PM 5:15PM SETS 41
Townsville 4:49PM 5:30PM 5:52PM 10


There are a few ways to safely view the Solar Eclipse.

The safest way is by making a pinhole in stiff cardboard and projecting the Sun's image onto a flat surface.  A card with a 1mm hole projected onto white surface about 20cm away, or a 5mm hole will project onto a surface about one metre away.

You can build a SunViewer here, a Binocular Projection system, view safe Sunwatching or simply just watch the video below from the comfort of anywhere you are during the Solar Eclipse.

2014 Annular Solar Eclipse

Tags: Solar Eclipse, Space

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