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How Difficult Is The Search For MH370?

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After the heartbreaking announcement from Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak yesterday that missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 had crashed into the Indian Ocean, presumably killing all those on board, we now get a glimpse at how difficult the search for any wreckage is.

The search area is now thousands of kilometres, and is in what is being called the worst possible area for a plane to crash.

With swells of between 5 to 15 metres, heavy rain, very strong winds and fog, the Indian Ocean is an unforgiving place.

Weather conditions have made it difficult to search some areas and have been deteriorating over the last couple of days.

So just how difficult is it to search the Indian Ocean for wreckage?  Many people are frustrated that it's taking so long to find answers to the questions they have about the plane, and why it's taking so long to find any wreckage.

A video on board a ship shows just how hard it will be find anything.

Malaysia Airlines MH370 Navy search Operation of in Indian Ocean


Note the above video isn't verified to be from the search ships, however does still accurately demonstrate the conditions that search crews are facing.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those people affected by this tragedy.

Tags: Newsfeed, MH370, Malaysia Airlines

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