Posted: 23 September, 2016 by Sohan Judge

REVEALED: The Most Popular Aussie State To Live And Work In

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It’s official: one Australian state stands out from the rest. 

According to recent population data, NSW is officially the most popular state in the country to live and work.

The data reveals fewer people have left NSW than ever before – and it’s all due to the state’s strong economy and lifestyle options. 

NSW Planning Minister Rob Stokes said, “NSW is the state of opportunity. Sydney is the economic capital of the country.”

The population in NSW has grown by 2.7 million residents in the last five years.

As well as the state’s economy, NSW leads the nation in housing approvals, with approvals exceeding 70,000 for the last nine consecutive 12 month periods.

Mr Stokes said, “Sydney’s prosperity is attracting young workers who are settling in Sydney and starting families. These people will need a job, somewhere to live and a convenient way to get between the two as well as plenty of shops, cafes, restaurants and parks to enjoy on the weekends.”

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Tags: Australia, state, live, popular

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