Posted: 16 November, 2016 by AAP

Report Confirms Women Are STILL Earning A Lot Less Than Men In The Workplace

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Women on average are still earning nearly $27,000 a year less than men despite making up half of the workforce.

And the salary gap rises to more than $93,000 at top management levels.

The latest gender equality scorecard, released by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency on Wednesday, also shows five out of six CEOs are men, with women holding 37.4 per cent of all manager roles.

"It shouldn't be happening in 2016," the agency's director Libby Lyons told ABC radio.

"There should be no gender pay gap at all but unfortunately it is persistent."

Ms Lyons nominates an unconscious bias and discrimination as the main causes behind the gap.

"You will always reward those who look and sound like you," she says.

The director believes women are not as good as negotiating for themselves.

"We undervalue ourselves as women and I guess that's something we really have to address as a cohort."

Asked whether recent action in Iceland, where women left work two hours early to protest over the gender pay gap, could be replicated here, Ms Lyon said it's not the best way to highlight the issue.

"I would prefer to see women ask their organisations what positive measures they are taking to address the gender pay gap in their organisation."

It's not all bad news, with some improvement in key indicators, including greater movement of women into management roles and more work by bosses to address equality.

The agency's third year of data covers 12,000 employers and four million employees.

Tags: women, men, workplace, salary, pay, earn, high, low

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