Posted: 3 November, 2016 by @amydrewsnews & Taylah Webb

Aussie Employers Aren't Worrying Enough About The Mental Health Of Workers

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A study has found a significant difference in the priorities of Australian employees and their employers, when it comes to workplace health and wellness.

Life insurance company MetLife, surveyed 300 employers and 500 employees to find out the employee issues they rank the highest.

The results of the study show that employers are more concerned about their workers physical and medical health (88%), while the employees are more concerned about their emotional health (69%).

33 per cent of employees ranked depression as a mental health concern, compared to a dismal 6 per cent of employers.

That statistic is quite shocking, seeing has almost 1 in 5 Australians will experience symptoms of a mental health disorder every year.

29 per cent of workers were concerned about stress and anxiety, while only 11 per cent of employers ranked it as an issue.

Deanne Stewart, CEO of MetLife Australia said employers need to create a more inclusive, human-centred work environment.

“As working hours grow longer and associated stress and anxiety is the rise, employers need to acknowledge employees’ mental health concerns and address these head on, " She said.

"While it’s encouraging to see more employers offering health and wellness programs, our research shows that these are often misaligned to staff needs."

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