Posted: 18 November, 2016

ATTENTION WINE LOVERS: You’ve Probably Been Drinking It Wrong

Experts just told us how to make cheap wine taste WAY better.

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A panel of the nation’s leading palates unanimously agree: serving wine at the right temperature makes wine taste and smell so much better. 

Taylor’s Wine’s surveyed 27 food, drink and wine experts and found that 90 per cent agreed: serving wine at the right temperature would not only improve the taste and aroma of wine, but lead to a greater appreciation of individual flavours.

The survey found 80% of Australians drink their red wine too warm and their white wine too cold. 

So what is too cold or too hot? For white wine, the optimum serving temperature range is between 6°C-12°C depending on the variety; much warmer than the 3°C-4°C that the average refrigerator is set at. Conversely, red wines are best served between 12°C-18°C depending on the variety; far cooler than the typical Aussie home ‘room temperature’ which hovers between 21°C-23°C, or warmer during the summer months. 

These insights prompted the family-owned winery to introduce a temperature sensitive label on the back of its Promised Land and Estate wines as a way of helping drinkers make their wine even more enjoyable.

Coming into summer, Australians are encouraged to take the Taylors Temperature Challenge to learn how temperature can make a massive difference to any wine. There’s no need for any gadgets or gizmos, just a fridge and 30 minutes.  

Tags: wine

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