Posted: 21 September, 2016

Perth’s Worst Accident Hotspot Has Been Revealed

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The worst spot in Perth for road accidents has been revealed.

According to data from the AAMI Crash Index, Albany Highway in Cannington is Perth’s top accident-prone hotspot. 

The worst spots were:

1. Albany Highway - Cannington
2. Nicholson Road - Canning Vale
3. Joondalup Drive - Joondalup
4. Great Eastern Highway - Midland
5. Scarborough Beach Road - Osborne Park

“Albany Highway is one of Perth’s key thoroughfares, and attracts a high volume of drivers who enter and exit a major shopping precinct via the road. Perth’s top five are major stretches of road which are prone to congestion and high volumes of traffic,” AAMI spokesperson Jake Krausmann said.

“Nicholson Road is a major thoroughfare for vehicles travelling to two large industrial areas, and also a new residential area. Similarly, Joondalup Drive runs past a long shopping complex which has drivers constantly entering and exiting the stretch of road.

“Construction works on Great Eastern Highway travelling through Midland would also be causing changing traffic conditions for drivers.

“We strongly encourage all drivers to be mindful of safe driving behaviours when travelling on our roads, especially when they find themselves in one of these accident-prone areas. Drivers should always ensure they leave enough room between them and the car in front, avoid distractive activities like mobile phone usage, and keep to the speed limit.” 

The top five contributing factors in accidents across Australia were found to be other drivers (31%), carelessness (27%), momentary loss of concentration (19%), bad weather (10%) and traffic congestion (9%).

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