Posted: 22 September, 2016

Perth Households Spend HOW MUCH Per Week On Groceries?

Do you spend this much?

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The average WA household spends $146 per week on groceries.

The findings come in the latest RaboDirect Financial Health Barometer Food and Farming Report, which revealed that as a nation Australia wastes $10 billion worth of food annually, or more than $1100 per household. 

Western Australia placed in the middle of the pack when compared to the rest of the country, spending less than New South Wales, Queensland, ACT and Victoria.  

The report followed a survey of 2300 Australians aged 18-65.

Grocery spending habits weekly by state:

NSW: $159
Queensland: $154
ACT: $154
Vic: $149
WA: $146
SA: $145
TAS: $136

According to the report Generation Y consumers are the biggest food wasters, with more than one-quarter claiming to waste at least 20 per cent of their household food each week.

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