Posted: 20 September, 2016 by Tim Lee

Make Use Of This Long Weekend While You Can

We've got some sad news... this is your last long weekend for the year (technically).

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Well, we all love a good long weekend... are we right?



This weekend is no different. BUT, we have some bad news.

Technically, it's the last one for the year. That's a whole THREE MONTHS!

Yeah, we hear you saying "What about Christmas?", but you're generally on holidays so it doesn't really count, right?

It's nothing like the glory days at the beginning of any year in Perth. Australia Day, into Labour Day, into Anzac Day, with Easter thrown in for good measure. Now that's awesome.

So, make sure you do the right this weekend... and party!



Why not hit Matisse Beach Club for a Sunday sesh? Or The Cott... Or {insert your fave chilled out club}

Today's Spring weather got us like 🙌🏻 #matissebeachclub #scarborough #perthlife #perthtodo #beachclub #summeriscoming

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Just make sure you take care of yourself. No Hangover moments.

Tags: Holidays, HitPerth

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