Posted: 11 October, 2016 by Dan The Web Guy

uberEATS Has Arrived In Perth

Problem is, no-one seemed to notice (well, we did at least).

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Well, something awesome happened in #Perth yesterday and no-one seemed to notice. Well, not us, anyway.

Uber, that gift that keeps on giving, has just introduced UberEats in Perth and it is the answer to all your prayers. That's if there are times in your life when you are madly praying for someone to go get your takeout for you.

Already, a whole bunch of restaurants have signed on. You only need to enter your address in the field at their website to see what's on offer. A quick check on our address returned a whole bunch of results, from burgers to Mexican to Thai to Vietnamese to Indian.

It's every hopelessly hungover person's dream come true.

There's one catch though. It would seem that, right now, UberEats is only delivering inside the golden triangle. As per this screen shot below.

Image: uberEATS app

Gees, it would suck if you lived on the other side of Lake Monger.

You can check out their website here, but it's probably best to go get the app.

Tags: HitPerth, Food, Takeaway, Apps

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